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Yet not, it found Ji Heng outside and you may went ballistic when he spotted his nephew outfitted such as a good girl

Yet not, it found Ji Heng outside and you may went ballistic when he spotted his nephew outfitted such as a good girl

As much as the guy does not want to have Tian Qi so you can hop out, Ji Heng try leftover no choices but so you can flame an unwilling Tian Qi away from her post since the his very own doc to help you appease their sister.

Ji Heng sent Tian Qian so you can a remote farming town to often an plants. The guy consider the daddy she is actually of your the greater becasue the attention out-of their unique irritated him really.

But once she try eventually aside vision, Ji Heng learned that he are unable to sleep. He was destroyed their own. His sleepness evening turned into everyone serving him its state too. In the event that he can’t bed, it challenge perhaps not bed.

Sheng Anhui went along to find Tian Qian to inquire of their unique to come back just like the Ji Heng and everyone more got had not a good evening sleep since she remaining.

Tian Qian thought about they but she never simply get back without being ordered by Ji Heng to return. Alternatively she offered a place pillow along with her favourite gardenia rose in it to Shen Anhui to successfully pass in order to Ji Heng. Which ought to get him to sleep.

Exactly what Ji Heng questioned if the Chun Hua is this option, he appreciated a rest she immediately after said that she had been in love with people

Whenever Sheng Anhui returned to Residence Ji, the guy informed Ji Heng that exactly what the guy saw nearly bankrupt his cardio. Tian Qi was at for example good sorry state. She was the skin and you will skeleton, she is wasting away from the heat toward farm.

Ji Heng experienced so disappointed and you can guilty from the Tian Qi, the guy told Sheng Anhui that he goes observe to own themselves.

However when it got them, Tian Qian was anything but wasting aside. She is to make so much currency to possess carrying out a wonder charm tool, a very moisturising mud therapeutic cover-up data de romancetaleA that took off with the teenagers of your own town.

Dr Ding is actually very sure of their healing face masks that he returned so you can Mansion Ji to give a sample in order to Kang Ning’er and you will Madam Ji. He was in hopes Madam JI might be thus happy, she’d overrule their unique young man and you will offer Tian Qi and you can your back again to Residence Ji.

Mr Kang went along to Tian Qi and you will Dr Ding’s bungalow and you can had all of them each other arrested getting maliciously offering a good poisoned healing masks to help you both Ning’er and you will Madam Ji.

Mr Kang was just planning to paddle Tian Qi whenever Ji Zheng and his dudes arrived to stop all of them. He told Mr Kang he has no right at most of the to help you direct discipline to help you somebody regarding Mansion Ji and its own locality rather than consent regarding General Ji.

Anyway Ji Zheng grabbed Tian Qi so you can JI Heng and then he told you the same so you can Mr Kang. While he did something such as that again, Ji Heng tend to in person torture Mr Kang.

But not, Tian Qi persevered. She reminded your just what he previously said that on the military when someone safe your with the life, you must come back new favour.

But their difficulties wasn’t over. She was then kidnapped from the Mr Chen and you can taken to Sun Partner to kill and you can torture.

If door 2nd unsealed, it actually was Ji Heng who was half of amazed and half envious regarding Tian Qian locked when you look at the that have a woman in the warehouse. He was very envious, the guy failed to annoy to ask exactly who secured her when you look at the having Chun Hua?

He told out-of Tian Qiu having things for money and you will she try thus shameless

Ji Heng asserted that Tian Qi and you will Chun Hua don’t need to cover up in a few hidden metropolises due to the fact he’ll strategy a wedding ranging from Tain Qi and Chun Hua.

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